OhMyV33nus Says Bren’s “No Ban” Strat vs Blacklist is “Disrespectful”

OhMyV33nus Reacts to the “No Ban” Strat of Bren Esports vs Blacklist International Blacklist International star player OhMyV33nus said that the “no ban” strategy of Bren Esports on their game 2 on MPL 8 was disrespectful. The strategies of M2 world champions Bren Esports in their most recent encounter versus Blacklist International surprised many. They … Read more

Lady Slams Disrespectful Netizens for Calling Deaf Interpreters “Nagti-TikTok”

Lady Slams Disrespectful Netizens Who Scorn Deaf Interpreters A lady netizen slams disrespectful netizens who scorn deaf interpreters of ABS-CBN Tv Patrol, saying that they are doing “TikTok” actions. Nowadays, social media users are hooked with the multimedia platform called “TikTok”. This app has made many people entertained amid the lockdown and stay at home … Read more

Lady Netizen Arrested After Disrespecting a Frontliner Soldier Online

Lady Netizen Arrested for Disrespecting a Frontliner A lady netizen got arrested by authorities after she disrespects and badmouthing at a frontliner soldier online for not letting her pass. While the government encourages the majority of the people to stay indoors to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and due to ongoing enhanced … Read more