Group of Women Caught on Cam Taking All Display in Community Pantry

Group of Inconsiderate Women Taking All Display in Community Pantry Goes Viral

Netizens air dismay and express condemnation to a group of women caught taking all the display from a community pantry set up for the poor.

The concept of a “community pantry” became popular on social media and spread throughout the country. The program on Quezon City’s Maginhawa Street was repeated in several areas to assist those in need.

The community pantry was established to help those affected by the current pandemic and to provide hope to those who have none, such as those without food and garbage collectors.

Meanwhile, a closed-circuit television (CCTV) video has surfaced on Facebook, showing a group of women acting inconsiderately. The video of a community pantry being ransacked and left with nothing is shared on the online trending Facebook page.

Women Community Pantry

A group of women can be seen in the video approaching the pantry in their neighborhood to get some supplies. Their conduct, however, contradict the pantry’s “kumuha batay sa pangangailan” quote.

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The group seemed to have coordinated their acts because some of them were carrying big eco-bags. They took everything from the pantry and left none, as seen in the video, which was only for people in desperate need.

Even the pantry’s organizer was taken aback. They also took the two trays of eggs, according to the post. But despite the incident, the organizer will still refill the pantry for those who need help.

The video has gone viral on social media and has piqued the interest of the online community. Many netizens slammed their callous and inconsiderate actions during the health crisis.[0]=AZUS5YeTYUBFd7t1x6GgZGN7P625hal02obtzzHVEjiTkZg6d3Uc6GaAIube89YtqYUPqUFD7GZYxOReGMFM5_il-jqepYq8kvAar-C-4En5pDO66KCsK6vhcdHJksp8NWXoNQmyy5mvrmyOLSYtDO5KucVTkWCQZP5FVzL2OAoXWA&tn=%2CO%2CP-R

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