Ellen Adarna Answers What She Will Do If Derek Ramsay Cheats

Here’s the answer of Ellen Adarna when asked about the possibility of Derek Ramsay cheating.

ELLEN ADARNA – If Derek Ramsay dares to cheat, this is what Ellen Adarna said when asked about this and if she will ever forgive him and give him another chance.

My son told me he thinks it would be really cool if he had a younger brother. He really adores Ellen. He thinks she’s cool. He said, ‘I want you to be happy’,” Derek Ramsay said when asked about his son Austin’s thoughts about is future wife Ellen Adarna. After a month of dating, the couple decided to alleviate their relationship status through Derek proposing marriage to her.

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The turn of events of their relationship is indeed fast but even before the engagement happened, Derek expressed certainty that Ellen is the one and the person he’s going to marry. And in the Instagram stories of Ellen, entertaining questions from her followers, one of it asked her about her take if Derek dares on cheat on her and if she’s going to give him another chance.

“No! No, no, no!” she firmly said while Derek beside her expressed that it will, never happen. Setting himself in the frame of her camera, Derek stated, “I will never cheat on you. Why talk about negativity?”


Ellen continued, “Gwapa ko day pero kung mag-binuang siya, goodbye!” which means that she’s beautiful and if he ever does it, it will all be over. In another clip, she was asked if Derek has already met her family which she confirmed because even before he proposed to her, he has actually asked permission to do it from her mom. They just cannot risk it flying to Cebu because of the health situation of the country.


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