Derek Ramsay Falls In Love Easily? Here’s What He Said About This

Actor Derek Ramsay is someone who easily falls in love?

DEREK RAMSAY – “Man of the hour” Derek Ramsay speaks about his reputation as someone who won’t marry and if he falls in love easily.

In a tell-all vlog, Derek Ramsay granted an interview with Pops Fernandez for her vlog where he honestly answered every question. To recall, the veteran singer was once linked to him romantically following his split with actress Andrea Torres.

Derek Ramsay Pops Fernandez
Photo grabbed on IG

In the video, they talked about their rumored “affair” before which they both just laughed at as it accordingly came from nowhere. It just accordingly so happened that the singer is close to his mother.

And answering questions from the singer for her vlog, one question asked if he ever falls in love easily the reason why he can just jump from one relationship to another quickly. As for the actor, he believes that sulking in one corner and feeling bad about himself after a breakup is not good for himself or for anyone.

But, he stressed that he doesn’t easily fall in love. He is aware of his reputation to the public as someone who doesn’t have any plans to get married but he actually has. He wanted to get married, settle down, build a family of his own, and build a lasting relationship just like his parents.

“I get why people say that. Because when I get into a relationship, I’m very open. When I’m not in a relationship, wala akong ginagawa. I’m just doing my thing,” he explained and then recounted some of the relationships he had before that lasted for many years only that it didn’t work out.


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