Star Magic Artists Send Video Birthday Greetings for Direk Lauren Dyogi

Star Magic Artists Greet Direk Lauren Dyogi

STAR MAGIC ARTISTS – Direk Lauren Dyogi celebrated his birthday and the stars under Star Magic prepared video greetings for him.

The ABS-CBN is one of the biggest broadcasting networks in the Philippines. It is on service for over two (2) decades already prior to its shutting down over its franchise issues.

Although ABS-CBN has yet to resume operation on free TV as it has no license, many of its shows and programs continued. Some are aired on online platforms like the social media while others can be viewed through the other TV channels.

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The talent arm of ABS-CBN is Star Magic. Many of the most popular stars in the Philippine showbiz industry are under the said talent arm which is now headed by Direk Lauren Dyogi.

Direk Lauren Dyogi
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Recently, Direk Lauren Dyogi celebrated his birthday and many actors and actresses under Star Magic sent him their special greetings. These were through video compilations posted on Star Magic’s Facebook page.

The Star Magic artists were led by young stars Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo in greeting Direk Lauren Dyogi a happy birthday. The actor expressed their excitement for the journey that they will have in Star Magic and the actress expressed their gratitude to the director.[0]=AZU-2eNIhzwOd-0Q0M3RvelDO0lfbCNY07hHDePp36ggfE8KmfQgM0Vl0FPw78otMIscEDfwFrtjSbT0CoPpzDHe_IqfQ3xIWLSRsns4lsIugQQGj9zBnrBTaAQVv8LuVI3_PWa9FU1K9v_fqxxsiBlAW7PQl52cCGxJWdIuFPu0QQ&tn=%2CO%2CP-R

Celebrity couple Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil shared the screen in greeting Direk Lauren. He expressed their wishes for him to enjoy his special day with his family and she stressed their happiness to be working with him.[0]=AZVtajnbkFvdIQS7SDILStF8Jjok1LHDi5YtLdOlkDh4FOhiI_fk3ABL0MOGiphhh_VNoVbarRefXOfSxBHC5180ptYVuzgTRkNxoJJMtlQE1uKnp897Sf0SUrbbjoObrGPKdeo2iaM6L_hJOehBRBnBSNw86QM-bTKJkOhvRVkwyQ&tn=%2CO%2CP-R

Kim Chiu sang a short part of the birthday song for Direk Lauren. She thanked him for being always there for her. Robi Domingo also thanked him for discovering him in Pinoy Big Brother as he assured him of his support always.[0]=AZU3Vv4WEpxAxpW5caTsXD_x1Wy-VrFgOgr6WMsbne_pqOlhyfM4h2Dg2RUN4b4emvhOfCNvVqwtmRK6N5DoReUITEN8ZVLe0HY5Je7EgecNphy3OVof4NGuTL_60S4iuE_9v-97LVOI5skNDaTNokmt9VSHjZO-fqL0aLEp-r738Q&tn=%2CO%2CP-R

Several other Star Magic Artists greeted Direk Lauren Dyogi on his special day. Here are their video greetings posted on Star Magic‘s social media page:[0]=AZU3Vv4WEpxAxpW5caTsXD_x1Wy-VrFgOgr6WMsbne_pqOlhyfM4h2Dg2RUN4b4emvhOfCNvVqwtmRK6N5DoReUITEN8ZVLe0HY5Je7EgecNphy3OVof4NGuTL_60S4iuE_9v-97LVOI5skNDaTNokmt9VSHjZO-fqL0aLEp-r738Q&tn=%2CO%2CP-R[0]=AZXXMSb67dAfoXqEgJFgcsOEP3SyJ-R52HHlvzmOEDMV0TonINC0yv_T5hmq6CJJaGoN4jSlh9NKeq4JmD_bP-jm5cLyPilzR3D_TflTJ-4ABnSH_WZqzSAnGsMJePVQONUqaUr-CXUtgBunoro4UocCjtJmD1mWnOBxngkiX3K5WA&tn=%2CO%2CP-R[0]=AZVrtRlK9OWNic0p7HrdXieF6MRfJxAvpv9mJg37xZyhxHgav0l2UqMsqVZPRUUWptVaCKnF–bnkBtxnnoiPq1MhVhasvp4EYR9KqcciIrzxSp1bQylqsawFmOLT8vsC1L7mWWvAi1KEymm-uOA7UYa3hywXzzF_pT1Y01LpKzsJQ&tn=%2CO%2CP-R

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