MMA Fighter Submit Snatcher After Caught Victimizing Jeepney Passenger

MMA Fighter Caught Snatcher and Submit After Victimizing Jeepney Passenger

A Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter bravely caught and submit the snatcher after snatching one of the passengers’ cellphone while riding jeepney.

A concerned netizen named Pochie Francisco shared a so-called “hero” guy who bravely chases the snatcher after victimizing a passenger riding jeepney. The netizen riding a tricycle shared what she has witnessed.

MMA Fighter Submit Snatcher

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According to her, a jeepney stops in front of them when a snatcher took action for his robbery activity. Then a random guy wearing a Jiu-Jitsu shirt bravely chases him and stops him.

“May mga bumaba sa jeep sa unahan namin. Nasa tricycle po ako. Si “hero guy” wearing the jiu-jitsu shirt may magnanakaw na nahuli,” she wrote.

As she was amazed, she took a photo to share this kind of unusual event. Based on the photo shared, the MMA fighter has submitted the snatcher – holding his head to choke down – to restrain him.

She added that the passenger who was victimized by the snatcher is the MMA fighter itself, which is a real Jiu-Jitsu expert. Unlucky for the snatcher as he robbed the wrong person that is brave enough to fight him.

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