K Brosas Slams Basher Politicizing Her Simple Instagram Post

Comedienne K Brosas slammed the basher who criticized her simple Instagram post and connect it to politics issues nowadays.

Comedian-singer K Brosas take a swipe on the trolls on social media after she answered their negative comments. K actually slammed a netizen who tried to politically connect his complaint about the continuing rise in the price of basic commodities in the country.

The singer posted on IG her selfie photo where she can be seen inside a supermarket. She was wearing a black face mask and clear face shield while queuing at the counter of the said supermarket.

She said in the caption, “Ang mahal ng bilihin! Lahat na lang nagmamahalan…ako na lang hindi shutanginamez!

“Because?? chos! Habanaysdey. (grinning face with sweat, woozy face emojis),” K Brosas added that all she wants to say is that all the prices of goods are “nagmamahalan” pero pagdating sa kanyang lovelife, nganga.”

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Meanwhile, a female netizen commented on the comedian’s post saying, “Really? Ano pa kaya kung mga LP pa namuno ngaun cguru mas mahal pa ang mga bilihin. Mas mahal na nga nung sa panahon nila.”

The “LP” she mentioned was the Liberal Party, it was the ruling party during the previous administration of former President Noynoy Aquino. Vice President Leni Robredo is the current leader of the LP.

K did not miss the netizen’s comment. She wonders why it has even connected the LP to the price of goods. K said, “Ha??? Anong kinalaman ng LP na yan sa post ko?! at YES really MAS mahal ang bilihin Ngayon duh! (face with rolling eyes, woozy face emojis).”

K Brosas Basher

The netizen did not respond to the singer’s reply which was also accompanied by some of his IG followers because of its beauty. Following this, the comedian commented again on his previous post, “I noticed a lot of sudden trolls.”

“Mga below sea level i.q na pinipilit na maging political ang post kong to. Hellooooo?! mahal naman talaga bilihin ngayon shutanginamez again with feelings! kaya blocking spree na lang!” hirit pa niya na ang ibig sabihin ay ang gagawin niyang pamba-block sa mga trolls at haters,” she said.

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