Andi Eigenmann Speaks About Postpartum Depression After Koa

Actress and vlogger Andi Eigenmann speaks about postpartum depression after giving birth.

ANDI EIGENMANN – After giving birth to her third child, actress and vlogger Andi Eigenmann opens up about her postpartum depression.

Soon after giving birth, a woman goes through a condition called postpartum depression which the symptoms include sadness and hopelessness. Options for treatment are counseling and antidepressants.

Being a new mom or having a newborn can give you challenges where your life can have major changes. You will have to deal with things such as lack of sleep, new responsibilities, or even pain while you’re nursing. And Andi Eigenmann is no exception to this.

She just recently gave birth to her baby boy they named Koa last January 18. This is her third child and her second one with future husband professional surfer Philmar Alipayo. Way back, she also suffered this condition with Lilo such as feeling not herself, having many thoughts of guilt, and a lot of emotional healing she has to face.

And mentioning about this in an Instagram post, she discuss the same in her recent vlog. She shared that her third child is the most quiet who would only cry when he’s hungry. In coping up about this depression, her partner told her that this will soon pass “very quickly”.

She shared, “And now, this time around, I just really want to enjoy my time with my kids because you know, it’s true what he said every day they are growing and we will never get this time back.” 

She’s choosing to look and settle on the brighter side of things and enjoying her life with a newborn as this can never go back to moments that have passed already.


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