Toni Gonzaga Answers: “What would make you walk out of this marriage?”

Here’s the answer of Toni Gonzaga to this question from Paul Soriano.

TONI GONZAGA – Netizens gush about the answer of Paul Soriano when Toni answered the question, “What would make you walk out of this marriage?”

For six years, Paul Soriano and Toni Gonzaga have been happily together as a married couple. They were blessed to have a son they named Seve who is now among the social media darlings lots of people are following, For her birthday, the tables turned and it’s now her husband’s turn to ask her questions he had never ask her.

To recall, in a previous article, Paul answered what can make him leave Toni and abandon their marriage. He answered instantly, “It’s when you walk out“ and as long as Toni stays, he will stay.

In recent vlog from Toni, it is her to answer the same question for her birthday. Honestly, she answered in front of Paul:

“If one day you wake up and you tell it to my face that you don’t love me anymore. If you tell me that you’re not happy anymore, I need to give you that respect & space to find your own happiness. I need to respect you & respect myself that if the person doesn’t love me anymore, hindi ko na ipipilit ang sarili ko. I feel like you have to respect yourself enough to walk away from someone that doesn’t need you in their life.”

And answering back to this, netizens gush over his “I’ll always need you in my life,” answer to Toni. Paul has been known by a lot of people to be a bright director but admired by many when he became a husband and father.

He has ideal traits that many girls always dreamed to find. They were together for 8 years when they tied the knot and now, they have a toddler and been together for six years in a blissful marriage.


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