Jonel Nuezca in ‘My Father is a Policeman’ Incident No Stranger to Admin Cases

Controversial Cop Jonel Nuezca No Stranger to Admin Cases Prior to ‘My Father is a Policeman’ Incident

The controversial police Jonel Nuezca on ‘My Father is a Policeman’ is no stranger to administrative cases.

Police Senior Master Sergeant Jonel Nuezca becomes one of the most controversial topics on social media after slaying Sonya Gregorio and its son Frank Anthony Gregorio. The cop and his daughter received criticisms online.

Recently, Police Brigadier General Valeriano De Leon revealed that the controversial cop had already faced administrative charges in the past. However, Nuezca has been released due to lack of evidence.

Jonel Nuezca

The viral policeman had faced less grave neglect of duty for refusing to take a drug test in April 2014 and serious neglect of duty for not attending court hearing on drug-related cases in 2016. He also faced grave misconduct (homicide) cases in May and December 2019.

Nuezca received 31-day suspension for refusing to undergo a drug test. In 2013, Nuezca also faced a grave misconduct case but was also dropped and closed due to lack of substantial evidence.

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Jonel Nuezca

The cop has been assigned at Parañaque City when he committed the crime. The suspect is currently under the Paniqui Police Station’s custody.

Jonel Nuezca

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  1. Let the law take its course.
    Let justice be given to the victims and their grieving family.
    Let this thug get what he deserve and let him rot in jail.


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