Criminology Student Kicked Out From School Over Distasteful Remarks vs Sonya Gregorio

Criminology Student Ejay Escobar To Be Expelled From School Over Distasteful Remarks vs Sonya Gregorio

The crim student has been allegedly kicked out from his school over distasteful remarks against the shootout victim Sonya Gregorio.

A Facebook user named Ejay Escobar, a criminology student earned criticisms from the online community because of his distasteful comments against Sonya Gregorio who has passed away in a shooting incident.

Escobar criticized the lady victim for allegedly disrespecting the police officer Jonel Nuezca and having an exchange of heated arguments with the cop’s daughter. He also said that he would do the same to the woman.

Crim Student

“HAHAHAHA I DON’T CARE EEH EH EH KA PA…teluk mo naman lola..kahit ako bubutasan kita ganyanin mo anak ko” Escobaw wrote.

Recently, a certain netizen has sent the post of Escobar to “University of Perpetual Help System-Jonelta”. The netizen asked the school to drop Escobar because of his inappropriate act on social media.

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Crim Student

The school replied that they have received similar complaints against the criminology student. The university said that the student will be expelled from the school because of its improper behavior.

Here is the screenshot of the conversation:

Crim Student

The netizens expressed their reactions to the post:

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