MY FATHER IS A POLICEMAN: Catanduanes Police Chief Urges Public To Respect Cops

Catanduanes Police Chief Ariel Ruego Buraga Encourages Public To Respect Cops to Avoid Trouble

MY FATHER IS A POLICEMAN – Catanduanes Police Chief Ariel Ruego Buraga has urged the public to respect cops after Jonel Nuezca slayed Sonya Gregorio.

Catanduanes Police Chief Ariel Ruego Buraga has expressed his reaction towards “My Father is a Policeman” incident. He post his reaction on his Facebook account and garnered various reactions from the online community.

Buraga urged the Filipino people to respect the police authorities in all circumstances because temper and tolerance could become our worst enemy. He also mentioned the argument between cop and victims during the incident.

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Later on, the police removed his post and explained on another post claiming that Nuezca was just triggered by the disrespectful act of Gregorio. He is encouraging everyone to respect the police officers.

#MyFatherIsaPoliceman trends on Twitter and other social media platforms after Nuezca slayed Sonya Gregorio and its son Frank Anthony Gregorio.

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Catanduanes Police Chief

Here is the full post:

Normal lang sa Netizen ang mag Negative Comment sa post ko Na misinterpret nila ibig ko sabihin sa post ko, diko inaayunan yun ginawa ng pulis pero ibig ko sabihin duon natrigger lang yun pulis dahil sa kawalang respeto na sa mga pulis pero mali yun ginawa nun pulis..oo tama na ang respeto ay ini earn at hindi hinihingi..Higit sa lahat ay TAO..oo Tao lang din ako na may may opinyon din nagkataon lang Pulis din ako pero diko inaayunan yun maling ginawa ng pulis, kung sana may Respeto ang bawat isa di sana humantong duon ang lahat..Higit sa lahat ay TAO..

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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