Isko Moreno Tells Churches: Follow COVID-19 Protocols

Isko Moreno Tells Churches To Follow Coronavirus Protocols As Christmas Season Nears

ISKO MORENO – Manila Mayor Isko Moreno told all churches and stores to follow health protocols as Christmas season nears.

For Filipinos, Christmas is probably the most important holiday of the year. As a predominantly Catholic country, the Philippines was heavily influenced by its culture and tradition.

This led to the Philippines being one of the countries with the most number of Christmas holidays. However, this poses a potential threat, especially during a pandemic.

Isko Moreno Tells Churches: Follow COVID-19 Protocols

Knowing this, Isko Moreno reminded churches and stores to implement COVID-19 protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Furthermore, the mayor reminded that churches can hold masses with a limited number of people.

During a live press briefing, Moreno made the statement after a church attempted to hold a parade last weekend. Moreover, those who fail to implement these health protocols and conduct mass gatherings would be charged.

Along with this, Moreno also warned those in Divisoria after a photo circulated showing buyers with almost no physical distancing. To enforce these protocols, Moreno said he would distribute barangay officials and police to monitor busy markets such as Divisoria.

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