Physician Board Exam: UP Summa Cum Laude Tiffany Uy goes viral again

Tiffany Uy passed the Physician Board Exam with flying colors

University of the Philippines 2015 Summa Cum Laude Tiffany Uy became a trending topic again on Twitter after she passed the Physician Board Exam.

Tiffany first caught the attention of the online community five years ago as a BS Biology graduate with an almost perfect grade. She got a General Weighted Average of 1.004. That was considered as the highest grade since World War II.

physician board exam tiffany uy
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Last July, her name went viral again when she was named as Magna Cum Laude after taking up Medicine. On November 26, her name once again surfaced as one of the top trending topics on Twitter.

It is because she is among those who passed the Physician Board Exam and she did with flying colors again. Tiffany Uy was on the top 5 and she got 88.08 percent.

Because of this, several netizens once again showed admiration for her intellectual capabilities. Some Twitter users even posted with a jest that Tiffany should be petitioned to become a saint while some wished to get even just a portion of her intelligence.

Tiffany Uy

Then, a video clip from Tiffany Uy’s interview on Karen Davila’s Headstart also resurfaced. In the video, the UP graduate was asked how high is her IQ. She answered that she does not know but pointed out that a lot of her friends would say that she has no common sense and lacks in the aspect of spatial knowledge.

The Physician Board Exam top 5 even revealed that she went to two pre-schools and that she is not good in Math. Tiffany Uy added that she was lucky that the Physical Education subject was not included in the computation of her grades.

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