Lea Salonga Apologize for Slamming DepEd Module Tattoo Discrimination

Lea Salonga Apologize for Post About Tattoo Discrimination of DepEd Module

The Filipina singer Lea Salonga apologize for slamming the Department of Education (DepEd) module discriminating people with tattoos.

Previously, Maria Lea Carmen Imutan Salonga or popularly known as Lea Salonga slammed the self-learning module of DepEd, which discriminates against people with tattoos. The module’s question is linking the people with tattoos to a criminal.

Lea Salonga Module

The broadway singer expresses disappointment to the author of the said module. She also questioned DepEd regarding those kinds of questions or quizzes written on the module.

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However, after airing her dismay on November 17, she immediately apologizes online. The Broadway singer said that someone directly sent him a clarification message about the module.

“Okay, so there’s more on this DepEd tattoo story,” Lea said.

According to the message he received, the correct answer was “C. bravery and beauty,” and not A, which says that tattoos are a symbol of criminality. It seems that the message that Lea received was different from DepEd San Antonio’s explanation, in which he admitted that letter A was the answer to the answer key, but it was an erratum in the module.

“Thanks to a direct message (you have my sincerest thanks… you know who you are) sent to me, turns out that the context of that page was such: the discussion was on Philippine History and on the significance of tattoos in our culture. The correct answer was C, that tattoos were a symbol of beauty and courage. Not A, that tats are a sign of being a criminal,” Lea said.

Because of this, Lea apologized and she thinks someone is sabotaging to make someone else look incompetent. “As for the saboteur, there’s a special place in hell for the likes of you,” she said.

She further said, “So, in my amateur opinion, someone out there wants to make someone else look incompetent. Covering up a big part of the page and making it look like the answer key was marking the wrong letter as correct. For my part in this, allow me to apologize. I just want for our kids to get as good an education as they can get.”


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