Duterte Defends Duque Anew Over PhilHealth Corruption Issues

Pres. Duterte Finds No “Good Reason” To Charge DOH Sec. Duque Over PhilHealth Issues

DUTERTE – Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte defended Department of Health (DOH) Secretary Francisco Duque III anew over the corruption issues involving PhilHealth.

One of the recent corruption issues that hooked a lot of attention involves the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation or more commonly known as PhilHealth.

Then, it was headed by Ricardo Morales. He was quick to put down the claims of a former PhilHealth officer who said that massive corruption is going on inside the medical insurance agency.

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Despite Morales debunking the claims of his former staff, investigations were lodged. The PhilHealth Chief took a medical leave and eventually left the post.

DOH Secretary Francisco Duque III
Photo: Inquirer

A team was organized to investigate PhilHealth. Pres. Rodrigo Roa Duterte approved their recommendation of the filing of charges to several officers of the Department. It does not include DOH Sec. Francisco Duque III.

PhilHealth is under DOH. Many people called for the resignation and the filing of charges against Duque over the corruption issues in the health insurance agency.

Photo Source: DW

On the other side, Pres. Duterte is firm on defending DOH Sec. Duque stressing he’s “innocent”. Recently, based on a report on ABS-CBN News, the President defended the Health Secretary anew over calls to charge him.

“I have read the findings. For the life of me, I can’t really find a good reason to prosecute an innocent man,” the President said.

Based on the report, DOH previously expressed its gratitude for the President’s trust to its Chief. Meanwhile, the Palace clarified that it does not mean that he is free at all with regard to his responsibilities.

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