Raffy Tulfo Probes Scene Wherein Creepy Entity Spotted During Ed Caluag’s Visit

Raffy Tulfo Conducts Investigation to the Scene Wherein Creepy Entity Spotted Behind Sheree During Ed Caluag’s Visit

The veteran radio broadcaster Raffy Tulfo conducts an investigation to a scene wherein a creepy entity has spotted during Ed Caluag’s visit.

Over the past few weeks, the paranormal activities happening at RTIA office became very popular on social media. At first, creepy voices were heard whispering in some videos of the radio personality.

Some RTIA crews have also shared their terrifying experience inside the office. Eventually, Mr. Tulfo found out that the building is an abandoned construction site since 1995-2010 and the first tenant in the lasted for only three months.

Raffy Tulfo

The 60-year-old radio broadcaster also sought the help of several paranormal experts including Ed Caluag and Ana dela Cruz. He also asked the help of audio engineer Mark Yulo to investigate the creepy voices.

However, a creepy entity, which looks like a shadow has been spotted behind Tulfo’s co-host Sheree during the visit of Ed Caluag. The incident causes fear and confusion to RTIA staff.

Recently, Raffy Tulfo conducted an investigation regarding the creepy entity spotted during one of their segments. They have also decided to re-enact the segment and realized that it was not a shadow.

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Raffy Tulfo

RTIA staff also watched the CCTV footage and found no one behind Sheree. However, Tulfo was not yet convinced but still showed respect to the belief of other people.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the video:

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