Netizens Notice Raffy Tulfo’s Voice Changes, Paranormal Saw Creepy Entity

Raffy Tulfo’s Voice Changes and Other Paranormal Activities Reportedly Happened Inside Office

The netizens expressed their fear and concern as Raffy Tulfo’s voice changed during live stream, a paranormal reportedly saw a creepy entity.

Last week, the creepy voice heard in one of Raffy Tulfo’s videos spread like a wildfire online and causes fear to some netizens. The online community also expressed their reactions to the creepy voice.

The creepy voice was first heard on the video entitled NAIYAK SI MR NANG MADISKUBRE ANG LIHIM NI MRS AT NG 2 NILANG KAPITBAHAY”. The voice has been also heard in two other videos entitled “GRAB DRIVER, NAGKAUTANG DAW NG 160K SA ISANG STAFF NG OKADA!” and PART 1|ATE, SINASABING MAY ANAK DAW SI TIM SAWYER SA KANYA!”.

Raffy Tulfo’s Voice

The veteran radio broadcaster also conduct an investigation regarding the incidents and discovered that their building was an abandoned construction site from 1995-2010. He also asked the experts to probe the incident and still waiting for the result.

Recently, Raffy Tulfo has shared one of the segments wherein his voice changes and turned creepy causing fear to the viewers. A paranormal expert named Anna dela Cruz reportedly saw a creepy entity.

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The 60-year-old radio personality also offered his snack “Palitaw” and “Ginataan” to the entity. He also said that they will show how the paranormal experts including Ed Caluag conduct an investigation.

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