Jake Ejercito Opens Up About Being A Father To 9-Year-Old Ellie

Famous personality Jake Ejercito shared how is it being a father to Ellie.

JAKE EJERCITO – Joseph Ejercito Estrada son, Jake Ejercito, shares his life now being a father of Ellie Eigenman who will soon turn 9 years old.

Ellie Eigenmann is the first and only daughter of former couple Andi Eigenmann and Jake Ejercito. They share a joint custody to her and agreed to many conditions when it comes to her welfare after a long and controversial process of settlement.


Andi has a new family now with new partner surfer Philmar Alipayo and Ellie is going to be a big sister to her two half-siblings. And during the lockdown, since Andi chose to live an island life in Siargao, Ellie was left with Jake for all months of being under quarantine. Being with Ellie for a long time, Jake has made a lot of discoveries about himself as a father and to her daughter.

In a report from PEP, turning 9 years old this year, Jake discovered that little girls like Ellie wanted to do a lot of new things and activities. That’s when he came in and he introduced to her his interests like Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Harry Potter, and his sports basketball. Also, they play badminton together.


Over the quarantine, a lot trends online emerged and one of those is the video-sharing application Tik Tok which he and his daughter argued about at one point but settled in a compromise. He shared that he didn’t allow her to continue using it but later on, he found out that Ellie refused to follow his instruction,

He shared, “Ayon, hinayaan ko na siya eventually. I just told her, iyon nga, to be discerning sa mga nakikita.”


The son of ormer Manila Mayor Joseph Ejercito Estrada and former actress Laarni Enriquez also shared his one trait that her daughter got and that is being impatient. But he added that Ellie is very shy, kind, and quiet kid and he is so proud of her.

As a father, he admitted that he is the bad cop but he does everything to be more like authoritative and not authoritarian. He wanted Ellie to trust him and not fear him.


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