Andi Eigenmann Speaks on Family Life w/ Philmar Alipayo, Kids

Andi Eigenmann Opens Up About Life w/ Philmar Alipayo & their Kids in Siargao

ANDI EIGENMANN – The former actress spoke about her life with her partner, Philmar Alipayo, and their kids in Siargao Island.

One of the celebrities who left the limelight to pursue a different kind of life is former actress Andi Eigenmann. Undeniably, the decision she made is something that does not usually happen.

Both of the parents of Andi are in the showbiz industry. When she became a grown-up young lady, she also started to make her own name in the field and did a lot of hit projects.

However, the busyness of showbiz gives Andi little time to be with Ellie, her eldest daughter with former boyfriend Jake Ejercito. She wants to be around her most of the time and she also wanted a simple life.

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Andi went to Siargao Island. She loves surfing and she is also an advocate of protecting the environment. She met Philmar Alipayo, a surfing champion, in the island.

A romantic relationship blossomed between Andi and Philmar. Now, they already have a one-year-old child, Lilo, and are expecting another baby in 2021.

Recently, Andi Eigenmann opened up to Metro. Style her family life with Philmar Alipayo and their kids in Siargao. They are usually in the ocean surfing.

Andi expressed that surfing really brings their family together and it is one of the “first things” that made her fall in love with Siargao. Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, the family of the couple is “pescatarian” or they usually eat plant-based food but they also enjoy seafood.

Andi described her daily routine with Philmar and their kids as “very chill”. Based on the report, they wake up early and have breakfast together at home or in a cafe in the island.

“Some people may think that it’s boring but we love the things that we do. To us, it’s the best way to spend every day or most days of our lives,” the former actress said.

Currently, the house of the family of Andi and Philmar is under construction. They are planning to attach it to the restaurant and cafe business that the former actress is eyeing. The surfing champion is also planning to put up a surf school and a lifestyle brand.

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