Raging Wife Allegedly Attacks Her Husband w/ Cleaver Due to Suspected Affair

Raging Wife Allegedly Attacks Husband w/ Cleaver Over Suspected Affair w/ Another Woman

A raging wife reportedly attacked her husband with a cleaver after suspecting he had been having an affair with another woman.

On Monday (August 31, 2020), a housewife in Sibu, Malaysia has been arrested after allegedly attacking her husband with cleaver, according to Sibu OCPD, ACP Stanley Jonathan Ringgit. The man is critically injured due to the incident.

Ringgit revealed that they have found the man screaming in pain after suffering injuries in different parts of his body. The husband obtains cuts on his both hands and knee.

Raging Wife

The cop said that the 27-year-old lady suspect stopped her husband who is working as a cement mixer from going outside. The angry wife is suspecting that her partner is having an affair with another woman.

Stanley said that the couple had a domestic quarrel and exchange of heated arguments, which leads to an intense fight. The lady suspect has been arrested by the authorities and seized the 28cm cleaver.

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“This led to a quarrel between the two. In a heated moment, the woman took out a meat cleaver and tried to slash him,” Ringgit said.

Raging Wife

The police investigation also shows that the couple has been already married for three years and has one kid.

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