Lady Netizen Seeks Raffy Tulfo’s Help Over “Best friend ko noon, Stepmom ko ngayon” Issue

Lady Netizen Caught Her Female Bestfriend and Dad Doing Acts of Lasciviousness Inside Van

A lady netizen caught her bestfriend and father doing their private moment inside the van, she also sought Raffy Tulfo’s help.

Previously, a Facebook user named KL Nebriaga has shared her photos together with her best friend named Jeaneth Salis. KL revealed that her best friend is now her stepmom after Salis has been impregnated by her dad identified as Arian Lerio.

KL Nebriaga posted some photos together with her bestfriend and they seem to so close with each other. The two are like siblings because of their closeness but their friendship broke due to the issue.

Lady Netizen

The lady netizen expressed her disappointment towards her bestfriend for doing such things and even shared the screenshot of their heated argument.

Recently, Mary KL Lerio and her mother Mary Ann Lerio have sought Raffy Tulfo’s help against Jeaneth Salis for having an affair with her husband. Mary Ann also revealed that her 9-year-old kid caught its dad doing its private moment inside the van.

Mary Ann Lerio also revealed the other law violations committed by her husband and how he threatened them.

Lady Netizen Lady Netizen Lady Netizen

Watch the video for full details:

The social media users expressed their reactions to the incident:

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  1. Why are you blaming and shaming your high school friend??? Your father is more to blame!!! Is she a minor and your dad is an adult? Typical, blame the girl and not your father 🙄


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