Customer Riding Horse While Ordering at Drive-Thru Goes Viral

Video of Customer Riding Horse While Ordering at Drive-Thru Earns Reactions Online

The video footage of a male customer riding a horse while making his order at popular fast-food chain’s drive-thru goes viral online.

Fast-food chain customers usually use car, pick-up, motorcycles, and other types of motorized vehicles when making their orders at the drive-thru. It is more convenient to make transactions at drive-thru rather than making order at the counter.

However, there are some customers who used a carabao and other animals while buying at the drive-thru.

Customer Riding Horse

The male customer identified as Jackson So goes viral online after riding a horse while buying at a popular fast-food chain’s drive-thru. The video has been taken at a branch of Jollibee in Baguio City.

Jackson So said that he and his colleagues have joined an international endurance race during that time. He and his friends have decided to buy food at the fast-food restaurant due to hunger and exhaustion.

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Customer Riding Horse

The customer explained that he can’t leave his horse named “Pharaoh” so he decided to bring his pet at the fast-food restaurant while making their order. The Jollibee employees were also happy to see a customer riding a horse, which is very rare.

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