What Is A Revolutionary Government? (PH Revolutionary Government)

What Exactly Is A Revolutionary Government?

WHAT IS A REVOLUTIONARY GOVERNMENT? – Over the weekend, a group supporting President Rodrigo Duterte called for the implementation of a revolutionary government. But, what exactly is this?

Under the proposed Rev. Gov., Duterte would be given “extra powers”. Meanwhile, Bobby Brillante, national coordinator of the revolutionary government committee said this was not “dictatorial powers”.

Instead, this form of government would provide the President the capability to “execute what is to be executed” says Brillante. Furthermore, according to an article from ABS-CBN, Brillante emphasized that they are pushing the rev. gov., not just for Duterte but for all succeeding presidents.

What Is A Revolutionary Government? (PH Revolutionary Government)

The Philippines’ First Revolutionary Government

President Emilio Aguinaldo on June 23, 1898, established the first rev. gov. during the Spanish-American war. However, this form of government was short-lived and ended a year later on January 23, 1899. This was due to the proclamation of the Malolos Constitution.

The rev. gov. had four governmental departments with each one having its own bureaus. This included:

  • Foreign relations, marine, and commerce
  • War and public works
  • Police, justice, instruction, and hygiene
  • Finance, agriculture, and industry

Meanwhile, in August of 2017, President Rodrigo Duterte stated that it would require a rev. gov. for the Philippines to excel. However, he said that it won’t happen during his term. But, on October 13, Duterte warned that he would impose such a government if he catches a whiff of a destabilization plot to replace him.

Still, the concept of such a form of government is not stated in any existing legal documents including the 1987 Philippine Constitution. As such, critics fear that a country may be changed to the liking of its leader.

With that in mind, the problem with such a government could lie between gray lines of what its leader sees as an “obstruction” to its goals.

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