Netizen to Daniel Padilla’s Kind Act Towards Tricycle Driver: “Fake drama”

Netizen Describes Daniel Padilla’s Kind Act Towards Tricycle Driver Who Hits His Car as “Fake drama”

A netizen comment on Daniel Padilla’s kind act towards the tricycle driver who accidentally hits his sports car: ”fake drama”

On Wednesday (August 12, 2020), the young Pinoy actor Daniel Padilla becomes one of the most controversial personalities online after a tricycle driver accidentally hits his car. The incident immediately spread like a wildfire online.

DJ’s sports car has been damaged due to the impact of the collision. The actor gave money to the tricycle driver instead of charging him for hitting his expensive vehicle. The celebrity even apologized to the people for causing inconvenience along the road.

Daniel Padilla

The 25-year-old actor earns praises and admiration from the public for his kind gesture towards the offender. However, the incident also garnered various reactions from the online community.

However, several netizens are doubting the sincerity of Daniel Padilla’s gesture towards the tricycle driver and accused the latter of showing kindness just because he is in public and described it as “Fake drama”.

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Daniel Padilla Daniel Padilla

Here are some of the distasteful remarks against the actor:

Bk wlang papeles ung kotse kya inunahan na

Kasabwat lng yan kanya knya gimik para mapag usapan

Sinong mauuto nito?😁 Gets niyo ba?”

“Mahanap nga si Daniel Padilla at mabunggo, para kumita naman ako.”


“pautot na naman yan”

 Mabanga ko din sana yan

Daniel Padilla

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