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Frankie Pangilinan Shares How She Handles Negativity On Social Media

FRANKIE PANGILINAN – The young singer was recently pushed into the social media spotlight due to her firm stance on social issues.

However, speaking out against the majority could be a challenge flooding with negativity. So, how does Frankie handle all of the hate and negativity directed toward her on social media?

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Frankie Pangilinan Shares How She Fights Negativity

During Bianca Gonzalez’s vlog series “Paano Ba ‘To”, Frankie shared how she manages the negativity when sharing opinions online. In the interview, Frankie said:

It’s really sad, but in part, it’s kind of as if sanay na po ako. Obviously that’s not an experience I want to wish on anyone. But at the same time, I think there’s also those low moments where it can really get to you.

Frankie explained that the amount of hurt and negativity she gets online is nowhere near the pain felt by the people she fights for. Furthermore, she said that when you’re trying to make a change, you need to think about everybody else.

“When you try to make a lasting change, you have to think about everybody else. There’s a certain degree of empathy there that allows you to remove yourself from the negativity in the situation”, she added.

Along with this, she attributed how well she handles online bashing to her parents. She said having a father who’s a politician and a mother that’s in showbiz helped train her to deal with all the hatred online.

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