Ben Tulfo Controversial Statement On Women, Frankie Pangilinan Reacts

Ben Tulfo versus Frankie Pangilinan on this issue

TV and radio host Ben Tulfo has this controversial statement on women and this received a reaction from recording artist Frankie Pangilinan.

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Frankie is known as a brave influencer when it comes to her views on certain issues that matter in society. For the past years, she has been vocal about her thoughts, whether it’s anti or pro. She uses her social media platforms, especially Twitter to express her opinion or to criticize something or someone.

Just recently, based on the report from CNN Philippines, Frankie retweeted a statement from a Facebook post by the Lucban Municipal Police Station, that is now deleted. It was said that the post was telling women to dress modestly in order to avoid being harassed.

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In line with this, Ben Tulfo called out the attention of Franki Pangilinan. The TV and radio personality stressed that the dress or outfit of a woman entices the possibility that she would get harassed.

With this, the daughter of Megastar Sharon Cuneta and Senator Frankie Pangilinan change her name on Twitter with “hija” as she answered the tweet of Ben Tulfo against her.

Frankie said that harassment is happening because of the line of thinking that the people have just like what the TV and radio host has. She also opposed that the outfit of women is an invitation to be harassed.

Then, the recording artist said, “calling me hija will not belittle my point.” Because of this, the hashtag “hija ako” became a top Twitter trend on Sunday until Monday.

In another tweet, the celebrity lambasted the host for being braver on Facebook because she is not using the said social media platform.

What can you say about this?

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