Duterte Asks Public “You Want Me To Fire Duque”?

DUQUE COVID-19 RESPONSE – President Rodrigo Duterte asked the public “Okay, you want me to fire Duque?” during his Sunday speech.

Health Secretary Francisco Duque has been in the hot seat ever-since COVID-19 began to spread in the Philippines. Each month, netizens, lawmakers, and health professionals alike pleaded for his resignation/removal from office.



However, President Duterte had the Health Secretary’s back each time. The same can be said for this month despite the highest number of recorded COVID-19 cases.

In his speech, Duterte said:

Secretary Duque, they want your neck. Then I said: ‘Okay, you want me to fire Duque?’ Let me be satisfied. What was his sin? He did not import COVID

But, Duque, along with several other officials were reluctant to impose a travel ban earlier in the year. This, despite the increasing number of COVID-19 patients. Duterte even said that a travel ban on China would be “unfair”.

According to a report from Inquirer, the President said that Duque was present since day 1 of the virus in the country. Furthermore, he emphasized that COVID-19 was overwhelming for every country, not just the Philippines.

I do not want to compare it with any country, but it was a global thing

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