Andi Eigenmann Reveals Details About Relationship w/ Philmar Alipayo

Relationship of Andi Eigenmann w/ Surfer Philmar Alipayo

ANDI EIGENMANN – The former actress revealed details about her relationship with surfer Philmar Alipayo.

Undeniably, not all celebrities stay in the showbiz industry until they reach their senior years. Some of them left the limelight for another field like showbiz and politics while others want to live a simpler life dedicated to taking care of their families.

One of the celebrities who left showbiz is actress Andi Eigenmann, the daughter of veteran actor Mark Gil and veteran actress Jaclyn Jose. She grew up in the world of showbiz and she eventually joined acting as well.

However, along the way, Andi stopped accepting projects. The next things heard from her is her advocacy to protect the environment and her love for surfing. She lives in the island of Siargao.

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Despite being away from the limelight, it is no secret to the public that Andi Eigenmann is now in a relationship with professional surfer Philmar Alipayo. They have a daughter named Lilo. The actress’ eldest is Ellie, her daughter with ex-boyfriend Jake Ejercito.

Undeniably, many people are amazed by Andi’s life-changing decision. Based on a video of ABS-CBN, what made her decide to leave showbiz was that she was missing a lot in the milestone of Ellie.

Also, the former actress revealed that it was really her dream to live in the province. She met Philmar as she is also into surfing and they became good friends first before they eventually became lovers.

According to Andi Eigenmann, she learns a lot from Philmar Alipayo as he is more hands-on when it comes to kids. He takes care not only of Lilo but as well as of Ellie.

“I feel, besides being a surfer, his focus is really being a father. He takes care of me so well and it’s passed on to how he takes care of Lilo and also of Ellie,” Andi said based on the video.

Andi admitted that she misses her family in the city. Despite it, she is certain that she won’t trade the life that she has now in Siargao.

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