Protective Shield Motorcycle Accidents Caused By ‘Faulty Material’: Official

Motorcycle Accidents Not Caused By Protective Shield, Rather, Faulty Material Says Official

PROTECTIVE SHIELD – According to an official, accidents allegedly caused by protective shields for motorcycle backriders were due to faulty material and not the design.

In an attempt to curve the coronavirus epidemic in the Philippines, the COVID task force devised a design for a protective shield for backriders. However, since the implementation of the new protocol, there had been several accidents allegedly caused by the design.

But, according to an official from the Department of Interior and Local Government, the barriers are a necessary measure against the threat of COVID-19. Furthermore, the official blamed the accidents on faulty materials such as glass instead of acrylic.

Protective Shield Motorcycle Accidents Caused By 'Faulty Material': Official

Based on an article from ABS-CBN, DILG Undersecretary Jonathan Malaya said the viral accidents caused by such barriers had the “wrong design”. Moreover, he emphasized that the design which was implemented in Bohol had no recorded accidents.

Inimbestigahan po namin and lumalabas po na faulty po ang ginagamit na barrier dahil may mga nagva-viral na diumano may nagkaka-aksidente.

Bukas po tayo sa ibang disenyo. Kung hindi sila sang-ayon magsumite sila ng disenyo. Naninindigan po ang NTF na kailangan ang barrier dahil ang physical distancing[kailangan.

Still, many critique the barrier as the only people allowed to backride are couples who live under the same house. Others say that the barriers serve no purpose as the couple would eventually end up together in the same home.

Along with this, several groups, including engineers highlighted that the barrier would affect the motorcycle’s aerodynamic design, causing potential accidents. But, instead of heading the calls of experts, the government extended that deadline for installing barriers to July 31.

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