Joseph Morong Controversial Photo: Reason Why He’s Trending On Twitter

Joseph Morong has this controversial photo

GMA reporter Joseph Morong is one of the top trending topics on Twitter on Tuesday because of his controversial photo.

Morong is known as the Malacanang correspondent of the Kapuso network. He has been providing summaries of press briefings on his Twitter account which is very helpful for many people who do not have the luxury to listen for a longer time in order to known the current events and updates on certain issues in the country.

joseph morong
📷: GMA

His name would become a trend on the micro-blogging site due to that. There was also a time when netizens talked about the way he mitigated the tense atmosphere at a press briefing with Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque. Morong told the official to “relax” and so the latter laughed.

However, just recently, Joseph Morong became trending topic on Twitter because of his controversial photo. It was from his post with the caption: “Kaway kaway sa buhay pa hehe waiting for the airing of Pres. Duterte’s address hehe”.

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He included a selfie with his laptop beside him showing his timeline on Twitter. Netizens noticed that one of the posts there was a malicious video. Several Twitter users already captured the screenshot of Morong’s post and it was zoomed.

joseph morong photo
📷: Twitter

The GMA reporter has already deleted the said post and apologized to the online community for that unexpected video in his timeline. “Hahah sorry about that guys haha. [You’ll] never know what’ll show on your timeline LOL,” he said.

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He also said in one of his after he deleted his post, “so embarrassing”. Then, Joseph Morong joked that he will filter the accounts that he is following. He said that he will just follow those who are “malilinis at busilak na lang”. The reporter also said, “haha joke lang. but sorry about that.”

In one of his reply to a netizen, he said that he did not notice that the malicious video was captured in his selfie until netizens were pointing that out.

What can you say about this?

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