Creepy Entity Caught on Camera Sitting Beside Young Girl Inside Amusement Ride

Creepy Entity Sitting Beside Young Girl Inside Amusement Ride Elicits Comments Online

The photos of a creepy entity sitting beside a young girl inside an amusement ride at a fast-food chain elicits comments online.

Nowadays, a lot of people do not believe in paranormal activities and mythical creatures due to the modern technology. However, there are still some people who believe that those entities really exist after having a personal encounter with it.

The Facebook page “Viral Videos” has shared the creepy photo of a young girl inside an amusement ride together with a mysterious entity. The photo garnered various reactions from the online community.

Creepy Entity

In the photo, it can be seen that the kid is riding an amusement ride at McDonald’s alone but a strange person was spotted sitting next to her. The girl’s guardian asked the girl regarding the creepy entity.

The young kid answered that the strange person was “Beto”. They were shocked because Beto was the girl’s imaginary friend.

Creepy Entity

Here is the full post:

#Viral a user on twitter uploaded a curious photo of a friend’s daughter at a McDonald’s when noticing the strange person next to her, they asked the girl and she said it was “Beto”

But Beto is his imaginary friend”

The social media users expressed their reactions to the image:

“Kakatiktok niyo yan”

“be tumayo balahibo ko”

“ yayyy”

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