Creepy Photo of Headless Frontliner Circulates Online

Headless Frontliner Creepy Photo Elicits Comments Online

The creepy photo of a headless frontliner at a checkpoint goes viral and elicits comments after it was posted on social media.

Currently, the Philippine government has been very busy implementing precautionary measures to prevent the further spread of coronavirus disease.  The authorities were also conducting checkpoints to check the temperature of the residents.

The health workers, police officers, and other frontliners were also doing their very best to fight COVID-19. The frontliners are sacrificing their own comfort and happiness just to ensure the safety of our countrymen.

Headless Frontliner

Recently, the Facebook user page “Kikodora All Star” has shared the photo of a headless frontliner roaming around the area together with its fellow policemen at a checkpoint. The photo garnered various reactions online.

In the photo, it can be seen that one police officer appears to be headless in the photo while his fellow cops are just normal.

A Filipino superstition says that if a person appears headless in a photo means that the person is going to die. The person needs to take off its clothes and bury it to the ground to allegedly prevent bad omen.

The photo has a caption of:

Walang ulo yung Frontliner. Totoo kaya ito at paano nangyari?

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

Headless Frontliner

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