‘Sakristan’ Accidentally Scares Neighbor for Hanging Clothes in Creepy Manner

A male netizen called out the attention of his ‘sakristan’ neighbor for hanging its clothes in a creepy manner, which scared him.

Nowadays, most people do not believe in supernatural creatures and paranormal activities due to the modern generation and high-technology devices. While, there are still some people who believe that mythical creatures still exist.

However, some people are still scared of the dark due to rumors and horror movies although they do not have a personal encounter with those entities.


The Facebook page “Tawang-tawa Teh” has shared the photos of altar boy’s clothes hanged in a creepy manner, which scared his neighbor. The photo garnered various reactions from the online community.

in the photo, it can be seen that three white clothes called ‘cassock’ were hanged by an altar boy. However, the clothes appear like an image of a headless priest or ghost during night-time, which scared the photo uploader.

Here is the full post:

SHOUT OUT naman sa SAKRISTAN naming kapitbahay na nglaba kahapon….Muntikan pa ak MADAPA ka gabi..Pagpalain ka sana…ctto paolo chavez

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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