COVID-19 Philippines: Drilon Suspects DOH’s “Fresh” & “Late” Cases

Franklin Drilon tells DOH to come clean over COVID-19 Philippines related figures reporting.

COVID-19 PHILIPPINES – Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon suspects the Department of Health (DOH) following “fresh” and “late” cases.

Previously, the Department of Health (DOH) has reported 1,046 coronavirus cases in just one day in the Philippines which is considerably a sudden spike. It has alarmed many people as currently, the entire country is under a more relaxed mode of community quarantine.

COVID-19 Philippines

But what have made people confused is the DOH reported that out of 1,046 cases, 46 were “fresh cases” which included those who were tested in the last three days and 1,000 were “late cases”. DOH clarified that the reason behind the sudden rise is because of the “backlog”. Moreover, their data is conflicting which made everything more confusing.

With this, Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon expressed doubts to the coronavirus-figures released by the DOH. He even told them to come clean and suspecting them of “underreporting” the real figures to the public.

Drilon, according to Inquirer, said in a text message, “With the DOH changing the manner of reporting the data after more than two months, we cannot help but suspect that it is hiding something. Honesty is the best policy here.”

COVID-19 Philippines
Photo lifted from CNN

According to him, manipulating the data will bring us nowhere and citing how transparency has become a critical factor in countries like South Korea and China in fighting pandemic COVID-19. Chinese government even reported that “the lack of transparency could be fatal” and he also believed that hiding the real data from the people is fatal.

He added based on the report that having no logical reasons regarding the matter will only yield more reasons to say that DOH is underreporting cases.


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