Kim Chiu Bawal Lumabas Video Gets Over 10 Million Views

10 million views for the Bawal Lumabas video of Kim Chiu

Kim Chiu Bawal Lumabas – The Chinita Princess proudly announced that her video for the song that was inspired by her viral statement has gotten over 10 million views across social media platforms.

The Kapamilya actress turned lemons into lemonade when she recorded a new song from her “sa classroom may batas” statement that received bashing online. Several memes were created featuring Kim and her statement, as well as dance videos.

kim chiu bawal lumabas
📷: The Philippine Star

Even celebrities joined the hyped in the latest dance craze just like veteran actor Tirso Cruz III who did a dance cover with his wife.

On May 18, behind all the bashing, Kim surprised many of her critics when she announced that she is releasing the Bawal Lumabas song. The days after that, she proudly announced in her recent post on Instagram that she already reached more than 10 million views.

That was the accumulated views from various social media platforms. She thanked her “classmates” for all the support that she has been receiving.

The Chinita Princess also shared her realization from what happened. She said that she learned to accept her mistake and have the courage to face the situation and the people around her.

This experience also taught her to be kind towards other people although they are bashing her and she believes that her faith really helped her a lot to overcome this phase in her life.

“Maraming salamat classmates! (sunshine emoji) mabuhay kayo bashers! Ay este mali!!!! Mabuhay po kayong lahat! Salamat sa kantang to!” she quipped. Kim Chiu also announced that her song will be available on digital platforms this weekend.

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