Holy Water Drive-Through: Priest Uses Squirt Gun To Bless Devotees

Priest Uses Squirt Gun And Does Holy Water Drive-Through For Church Goers

HOLY WATER DRIVE-THROUGH – A priest became a popular figure on the internet for his take on social distancing.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, several establishments, including churches were closed. However, as some areas ease quarantine protocols, some churches began to reopen.

But, even as churches open, social distancing still needs to be followed. As such, a Detroit priest had an ingenious way of giving a holy water blessing to his parishioners.

Holy Water Drive-Through: Priest Uses Squirt Gun To Bless Devotees
Image from: The Guardian

Photos from the St. Ambrose Church show Reverend Timothy Pelc holding a squirt gun into a car window. Along with his squirt gun, he had a face mask, face shield, mask, and his bible with him.

People on their cars who stopped by the foot of the church were welcomed to a “Holy Water Drive-through”. According to an article from “The Guardian”, the idea was a bid to continue the Easter basket blessing tradition.

Due to his actions, Pelc admitted he was a bit worried about how the Vatican would react to his photos online. However, he mentioned he hasn’t heard a response from the Vatican yet.

In on of the photos, we could see Pelc shooting holy water at a basket of flowers, as per the Easter tradition. Moreover, he mentioned that he has a “pretty wacky mind”. Luckily, he has an equally accepting congregation.

But, even with Pelc’s cheerful initiatives, he said the surrounding communities and the church take COVID-19 seriously. As per the report, parishioners were said to tie blue ribbons on trees at the church for every person who succumbed to the virus.

Sadly, that number was now approaching 5,000 in Michigan. Meanwhile, Pelc stated that the armed protesters who are against the stay-at-home policy do not reflect the mood of the community.

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