Angel Locsin Threatens Basher Who Will “Shut Down” Her Account

This netizen threatened Angel Locsin and the actress has this comeback.

ANGEL LOCSIN – Kapamilya actress Angel Locsin received a threat from this netizen and she has this threat as a comeback to her.

Among the most active stars in helping people in need amid this public health crisis is Angel Locsin. No matter how much she would like to cover up her good deeds as she doesn’t want come off like bragging, there have been ways for people to find out. And in terms of collecting donations for her relief operations, she has always been transparent to show the people who donated where their money was spent to.

However, no matter what she do, she can’t please everyone. Just recently, she posted something on social media to those people who harass them to silence them. “You’ve created your worst nightmare,” she said indicating that they will not let these kind of people bully them.

Meanwhile, to those people who showed love and support to them, she assured that she will never forget what these people have done amid this tough time for their network.

But one netizen rebutted her post. The harsh statement indicated “Idol pa naman kita pero ang b*b* mo Miss Angel. Review your post. B*b* nyo ni Kim and Coco. Honestly.” This also came with a threat that she will regret being “mayabang” if their accounts will be shut down in a few days.

The actress, on the other hand, unshakened over the threat. In return, she warned the netizen that if something happens to her account, she will see to it that she will be reported after the actress has gathered enough pieces of evidence which will show and point that she is the suspect.

Angel Locsin
Photo grabbed on Twitter


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