Healthy Facts: Which Is Healthier Between Coffee and Tea?

Here are some healthy facts about coffee and tea.

HEALTHY FACTS – A famous medical expert identifies which one is healthier between coffee or tea and some healthy facts about these drinks.

Doc Willie Ong is a famous personality in the Philippines who once tried his luck in politics during the 2016 elections running for senator. However, he failed to notch a position but this did not stopped him in helping the people. Through his social media pages and YouTube channel, he was able to reach out to people regarding health and share remedies to certain conditions.

Healthy Facts
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And now, between coffee and tea, here’s what a medical expert has said such as which is healthier between the two. According to his Facebook post, both of them are beneficial and has certain contents in improving our health. But to ask as to what is much healthier, for him, it would be tea.

This is because of it’s content called catechins also known as artery protector which combats bacteria and aids in preventing cancer. This also lowers risks of heart attacks and stroke as per the post.

Healthy Facts
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Other known benefits of regular drinking of tea are the following:

  • lessens chance to develop atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease 
  • lowers blood pressure
  • rich source of flavonoids and bioactive compounds
  • protects teeth and heart
  • has antioxidants
  • lesser caffeine than coffee
  • aids weight loss and weight management
  • protects bones
  • boosts immune system
  • improves digestive system
  • calorie free
  • keeps heart healthy
  • reduces risk and chances of getting Type 2 diabetes


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