Relationship Tips: Is It Necessary To Share Your Social Media Password?

Check out this relationship tips over this common issue among most couples.

RELATIONSHIP TIPS – Giving your partner the access to your social media accounts is a common issue, but is this really necessary?

Not because you are now very open to your partner means you have to give him every little thing about you. Having someone to be in a relationship must have boundaries – it may be physical, emotional, or something in between those.

Relationship Tips
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And when you say boundaries, this also includes about your personal accounts such that in social media. Is it necessary for you to give your partner the access to your accounts? This may be among the most common issue of couples but this is also among the heavily debated topics. Your partner surely knows your secrets, your desires, and even your embarrassing habits, but what about your passwords on social media?

Here are the things you might want to consider whether or not you want to share your social media passwords to your partner:

  • Trust – This is a great foundation for a strong relationship. Most couples think that this is one way to show that you trust your partner. This kind of transparency surely needs tons of trust.
  • Privacy – Your partner knows everything about you, however, you can still love someone just as deep and as true while preserving certain elements in your life just for you.
  • Breakup – If it’s a bad breakup between you to, your ex having an access to your accounts might be risky as chances are, they will use that privilege for revenge. Or at some cases, your ex can spy you through that account. However, one solution to this is to change all of your passwords after the split.
  • Paranoia – At the other end of the argument, not knowing your partner’s social media activities causes paranoia. What if he’s cheating? What if he playing with other girls or boys?

Meanwhile, according to Elite Daily, experts say that this matter depends merely on the couple – the level of their relationship’s seriousness and what they wanted for it to be. One might want space just as much as you do while the others see that having access is convenient in case something happens.

Also, sharing passwords might not be a big deal if you are not hiding anything and if you really trust him or her on a certain high level. Same also goes in terms of your comfort. In any case that you are being suspicious about the other’s actions, the key to this is good personal communication and honesty.


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