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Here are some relationship tips you should know when it comes to men.

RELATIONSHIP TIPS – Here are some of the things you might want to know about men over these details they would be too embarrassed to ask from you.

Men are just as complicated as women. They also have these things they want but won’t ask for just because they are too embarrassed to ask for it. But how could girls know what to do if they don’t say it? But luckily, we saw one video tackling about these things and listed it down for you!

Relationship Tips
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Check out below:

  • Happiness – Men would be too shy to ask for someone to be happy. For one, it would definitely get awkward. Moreover, it only reflects their effectiveness as a partner to you if they make you happy or not. Their woman’s happiness is also their happiness.
  • His Interests – They would be too shy to ask for you to have interest on things they are passionate about but this way, men would tend to get really overwhelmed if their other half is interested on things they are interested with may it be regarding basketball, soccer games, or cars. It builds connection.
Relationship Tips
  • “Initiate” – Unless you are the “machine” and always initiating to do “it”, give him a break! But if not, he’d love it if just out of the blue you’ll get out of the bathroom in his favorite nighties of yours and initiate to do “it”. He’ll find you irresistible that’s for sure.
  • Praises – Accordingly, no man would ask to be praised but deep inside, they wanted it. Praising him goes to show that they are doing great as your man and that he is appreciated in the efforts he does for you may it be little or huge.
  • Support – Men have this thinking that if they’d ask for some time to go on adventure without you, they’ll get your feelings hurt. This is because they are conditioned in thinking that you want to spend more time together. Thus, he’ll surely love it when you support him and encourage him to go on adventure and have some time with his peers.
Relationship Tips
  • Trust – Men has this satisfaction whenever their women let them do their thing for her or provide for her. Even on the littlest of thing. You have to trust him that he could wash the dishes correctly or sweep the floor or where to park. Letting your man serve you shows that you trust in what he wants to do for you and that you are confident that he will accomplish it excellently.
  • Respect – This goes above everything. If you don’t have any respect for your partner, there will be no trust, love, praises, encouragement, support, and the will to make him happy. Respect can be shown in little ways such as saying please or thank you when he takes you out. It shows when you can compromise for having different opinion about that one thing. It also shows as to how supporting you can be on what he wants even though you don’t like it because you understand that you two might have your own world but still the fact remains that the two of you have respective lives.


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