Davao Residents Faces Discrimination Amid Lockdown

Davao Residents Faces Discrimination on Business Establishments

Davao residents from Barangay 21-C and 23-C have reported they are facing discrimination following the lockdown of some puroks in their areas.

Davao Residents
Image Source: Sunstar

Some residents of Barangay 21-C and 23-C, Davao City has been facing discrimination from business establishments after the Davao government placed puroks 3, 4, and 7 of Barangay 23-C and Purok 8 of Barangay 21-C on lockdown as a preventive measure against the spread of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

This prompted after 56 individuals from the three puroks in Barangay 23-C are considered as persons under investigation (PUI). The government then placed them under quarantine.

According to report Sunstar, Barangay 23-C captain Wating Usman said he had been receiving reports that some grocery stores, convenience stores, and even banks are barring residents from two barangays, despite being excluded from the lockdown.

He clarified and specifically mentioned that only puroks 3-A, 4-C, and 7 of Barangay 23-C are under lockdown due to misinformation in social media that had stirred confusion to some. Usman called out on people to stop criticizing them.

Some residents share that the personally experience the discrimination and barring them from entering the establishments. Meanwhile, Barangay 21-C captain Edmundo Altizo already clarified and settled the issue with nearby establishments, and they had already addressed the complaints.

Altizo said they do not need to issue any certification to residents who want to go to establishments. Barangay captains said the FM passes could still be used. However, they need to follow the coding scheme.

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