Disrespectful Lady Shoves Quarantine Pass on Guard’s Face During Apprehension

Netizens Lambast Disrespectful Lady Who Threw Her Quarantine Pass on Guard’s Face During Apprehension

A concerned netizen expressed its disappointment towards a disrespectful lady who shoved its quarantine pass on guard’s face during apprehension.

A Facebook user named Dyll Bartolaba has expressed her dismay towards an old lady who allegedly disrespected a security guard at SM City General Santos. The post garnered various reactions from the online community.

Bartolaba said that the security guard apprehended the lady at the entrance of the mall and politely asked her to show her quarantine pass. The guard refused to let her in after failing to show her quarantine pass.

Disrespectful Lady

After a few moments, the lady checked her bag again and found the quarantine pass but shoved it in the guard’s face for an unknown reason. However, the guard remained calm despite the situation.

Dyll also said that the disrespectful woman is maybe in her 50s. The lady is wearing branded clothes, shoes, and bag but her attitude doesn’t show class.

Here is the full post:

HOW DISAPPOINTING! Take time to read.

I went to SM earlier. They had a system in place and a protocol they follow. No one can enter without face masks. They had foot and hand sanitation and temp check. But first, you have to present your home quarantine pass. VERY SIMPLE.

Here’s what happened. That lady (see arrow) had an encounter with the guard.

Guard: Ma’am patingin po ng quarantine pass (said in a very respectful manner).
Lady: *checks bag* Ay nasa sasakyan.
Guard: Ma’am paki kuha na lang po Ma’am (again said in a very respectful manner).

Since the guard refused to let her in, she somehow found her home quarantine pass inside her bag.

Do you know what she did?

Instead of showing it to guard respectfully as the guard was to her, SHE SHOVED IT IN THE GUARD’S FACE!

Kulang na lang lagi duklon niya ang guard!!!

I came across the lady while doing groceries, I saw she had branded clothes, branded shoes, a branded bag. Clearly, you can’t buy class!

She was also maybe in her 50s. An elder? No, you don’t gain respect just because you’ve lived long enough. You need to give it too!

Please, why can’t we just cooperate??? We’re all trying to make the most out of this situation. No one is above the law. And really, no one will be spared from this disease if we don’t abide by the law.

Also, hats off to the guard who remained calm and continued to do her job. Bilib ko nimo, Ate!

The social media users expressed their reactions to the incident:

Disrespectful Lady

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