Rio De Janeiro Gangs Enforce Lockdown: If Gov’t Won’t Do It, We Will.

Gangs In Rio De Janeiro Enforce Lockdown Starting 8:00 PM

IF YOU WON’T, WE WILL – Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Gangs In Rio De Janeiro favelas enforced their own lockdown.

Governments from all around the globe are in a race to contain the virus. As such, leaders have placed a lockdown on entire countries. Likewise, authorities have enforced curfews to curve the spread of the virus.

However, there are still residents that fail to adhere to social distancing and do not follow instructions from authorities. This had been the case for residents in Rio de Janeiro.

Rio De Janeiro Gangs Enforce Lockdown: If Gov't Won't Do It, We Will.
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As such organized crime posted a message that read as follows:

Attention all residents of Stone River, Mizuma, and Tijuqinha!!! Curfew begins tonight at 8:00 PM. Whoever is seen in the streets after this time will learn to respect their neighbor!!! […] We want the best for our population.]

If the government doesn’t have the capability to get it done, organized crime will resolve it.

Currently, the new coronavirus has affected millions of people worldwide. Moreover, there have been 378,394 people infected with COVID-19. Furthermore, 16,491 have succumbed to the deadly disease.

In one of the comments of the Twitter post, one netizen replied that he thinks that organized crime in the UK will also enforce a lockdown. Additionally, one netizen wittingly commented, “wash your hands, or lose them”.

Similarly, there have been academic theories that state that organized crime fills a void created by weak or absent governments.

Also, in China, there have been reports that the government hired gangs to enforce a quarantine on residents. However, they were just mere speculations and unproven.

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