Jinkee Pacquiao House Tour: A Tour Around Their House In GenSan

Jinkee Pacquiao house tour around their house in General Santos City.

JINKEE PACQUIAO HOUSE TOUR – Here’s a house tour from Jinkee Pacquiao as she takes us around their huge house in General Santos City.

Among the wealthiest family in the country today is the Pacquiao family and we all surely know where their wealth has come from. Manny and Jinkee have not both come from a well-off family and their wealth now is through the hard work of the Philippine’s boxing champ through boxing and he is now a senator of the country.


Thus, if they have acquired multiple properties, may it be in or outside the country, is not something that’s shocking already as they can already afford it in a snap. And in their house in General Santos City, Jinkee Pacquiao took us in a house tour.

As you enter the house, photos from various years filled the space and this was admitted by Jinkee for as a memory hoarder, she keeps the photo as a remembrance of every moment she cherish. Most of them were framed.

Their entertainment rooms featured a wide flat-screen television and is still filled of photos from every corner. It also has a sliding door which leads to their outside area. The dining area has a separate space. The space used to be open and just where they would usually hang out and later on decided to turn it into a dining room.


They also have a wide pool area where certain celebrations, parties, and bible study session are being held. A guest house also stand in front of the pool for their visitors and a basketball court was built as well. It seems like they have all the amenities they needed within their lot just like how the way they wanted it to be as they don’t like going outside to some activities.

At the end of her video, he gave an advice to newly married couples as she and Manny Pacquiao have been together for quite a long time already since they started out their life at the age of 20. One advice she said is patience for one another because there’s more struggles ahead for them and this is to strengthen their bond as lifetime partners.

Watch the video below:


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