Mother Reunites With Her Deceased Daughter Through Virtual Reality

Mother Reunites With Her Deceased Daughter One More Time Through VR

A mother in South Korea reunites with her daughter who has been already dead for almost 3 years because of an incurable disease using VR.

Mother Reunites
Image captured from the video

Losing a child is perhaps the most painful thing for a parent to have to endure, especially when it happens when a child is young. In 2016, Jang Ji-sung’s seven-year-old daughter Nayeon died of an incurable disease.

Three years later, the South Korean mother was reunited with Nayeon in a virtual world created for a televised documentary. In a documentary titled ‘I Met You’, the grieving mother was given a chance to “reunite” with her late-daughter, all through the wonders of technology, as Futurism reports

Mother Reunites
Image captured from the video

In the former setting, Jang stands in front of a massive green screen while wearing both a VR headset and what appears to be some sort of haptic gloves. In the latter, she and her daughter talk, hold hands and even have a birthday party complete with a lit cake.

In a 44-second long excerpt that was uploaded onto YouTube, Ji-song can be seen wearing VR goggles and gloves that will help her to interact with the virtual environment, as she wanders around a green-screen room.

Ji-song gradually becomes ever more emotional as she touches and talks to her late-daughter, walking with her around a ‘park’ that was designed to resemble a real-life park that she would use to visit with her daughter before she passed away. Her family members, who watched on close-by, appear to be tearing up too.

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