9 Viral Gadgets Students Can Live Without

From smart speakers to fitness trackers, today’s students are surrounded by a wide array of gadgets that have become staples in their daily lives. But all of these gadgets come with a price and not just a monetary cost.  Many of these gadgets have become so popular that they have the potential to become a … Read more

Mother Reunites With Her Deceased Daughter Through Virtual Reality

Mother Reunites With Her Deceased Daughter One More Time Through VR A mother in South Korea reunites with her daughter who has been already dead for almost 3 years because of an incurable disease using VR. Losing a child is perhaps the most painful thing for a parent to have to endure, especially when it … Read more

Facebook Aims To Augment Reality Platform Using Smartphone Cameras

Reality Platform

Facebook Aims Using Smartphone Cameras To Augment Reality Platform Facebook is now aiming to develop the first augmented reality platform using smartphone cameras instead of high-tech eyewear. On Tuesday (April 18, 2017), one of the Facebook founders, Mark Zuckerberg called the smartphone cameras as an initial platform to augment reality features in applications, which will … Read more