Japan Cruise Ship Confirms 20 Cases Of Wuhan Coronavirus

Japan Cruise Ship Under Quarantine Confirms 10 More Cases Of Coronavirus

JAPAN CRUISE SHIP – The cruise ship, Diamond Princess has been under lockdown near Tokyo following reports of passengers being confirmed for the Wuhan coronavirus.

Japan Cruise Ship Confirms 20 Cases Of Wuhan Coronavirus
Image from: Kazuhiro Nogi | AFP

The global number of confirmed cases for the virus had reached almost 30,000. Along with this, there are currently at least 564 global deaths.

In a previous article, we learned that there were 10 confirmed cases, one of which was a Filipino. According to reports from CNN, the ship would be under quarantine for 14 days.

Recently, there have been 10 additional confirmed cases of the virus on the Diamond Princess. With this, the total number of cases sums up to 20 and Japan’s national cases to 45.

Health officials from Japan are awaiting the results of the 171 other patients tested for the virus. The ship anchored off the coast of Yokohama, near Tokyo.

There were about 3,700 people on board the cruise ship. As per the report, there were 1,045 crew members and 2,666 passengers. Meanwhile, those infected are being brought to shore for treatment.

However, all other passengers must be put under quarantine at sea for at least 14 days. The first case of the virus was an 80-year-old man from Hong Kong who was briefly in China on January 10.

Meanwhile, some countries like the US and UK are preparing to send their final evacuation flights to Wuhan within this week. In addition, the US had sent supplies and support to the center of the outbreak following criticisms from China.

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