Coronavirus In Philippines – Suspected Cases Rises To 56

Suspected Coronavirus Cases In Philippines Climbs To 56 – DOH

CORONAVIRUS IN PHILIPPINES – Amidst the outcry from residents to ban travel from China, the Philippines now had 56 patients suspected of having the Wuhan Virus.

Coronavirus In Philippines - Suspected Cases Rises To 56
Image from: CNN

Yesterday, the Philippines confirmed its first case of the Wuhan coronavirus. Because of this, residents began panic buying face masks in fear of the virus spreading.

Authorities have confirmed that a 38-year-old Chinese woman who traveled to Wuhan City, flew to Cebu, Dumaguete, and Manila has the Wuhan coronavirus. Health officials said the woman is well and occasionally coughs.

According to an article from CNN, the DOH epidemiology bureau head, Dr. Ferchito Avelino said there were more patients observed a day after confirming the first case of the deadly coronavirus in Manila.

Following the confirmation of the first case in Manila, Senator Bong Go said that President Duterte had agreed to impose a travel ban on China. However, the temporary ban would be on Wuhan and Hubei.

Go added that Duterte would study the possibility of banning travel from other provinces of China as well. In addition, the President would call for a meeting next week to assess the needed steps regarding the virus.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization had declared the virus a “Global Health Emergency”. This would allow increased funds and international joint efforts to stop the outbreak.

However, the director-general of WHO said the declaration was not a vote of no confidence in China. Instead, the declaration was made to give further support to countries that lack a good health system.

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