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Sibol-Philippines Dota 2 Team Strikes Gold In 2019 SEA Games

PHILIPPINES DOTA 2 TEAM – Ever since its conception, Dota has been etched in the hearts of many Filipinos.

Philippines Dota 2 Team Wins Gold In 2019 SEA Games
Image from: When In Manila

During the early days of computer shops and local area network (LAN) gaming, Dota has been one of the most beloved games by the Filipino.

Recently, esports history has been made as the Sibol-Philippines Mobile Legends: Bang Bang team won the first-ever gold medal for esports. They beat world championship contenders from Indonesia in game 5 of the match.

Following this, Sibol’s Dota 2 team also struck gold. They won in a 3-2 victory over Thailand after an adrenaline-filled game.

The Filipino Dota 2 squad consisted of:

  • Mc Nicholson ”Mc” Villanueva
  • John Anthony ”Natsumi” Vargas
  • Jun ”Bok” Kanehara
  • Marvin Salvador ”Boomy” Rushton
  • Bryle Jacob ”CML” Alvizo
  • Van Jerico ”Van” Manalaysay 
  • James Erice ”Erice” Guerra

The Philippine squad struck first blood and won the game of the match. However, Thailand quickly turned the tables and got the score tied to 1-1.

Tension filled the air as the two teams headed over to game number 3. The fights were fierce and clutch, but team Sibol managed to get an edge over their opponents and put the standing to 2-1 in favor of the Philippines.

With this, the PH squad was now at match point. They only needed one more win to secure their victory. But, Thailand had other plans.

The enemy squad wouldn’t go soundly into the night and put up one hell of a fight. At game 4, the PH team was defeated resulting in a tie between the two teams.

In the 5th and final game, the Philippine team was at an early disadvantage. They started off the game 0-7. From there, things were looking dire.

However, Sibol turned it around as they contested Roshan. The skirmish started off in a negative for the Philippines as their Enigma got killed.

But, the enemy squad forgot to focus Sibol’s Phantom lancer who popped off, getting a triple kill. From there, the PH squad had momentum and carried the game to victory.

Watch highlights of the matches here:

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